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Life can be hard. Asking for help takes courage. At Red Bridge Counselling, I provide supportive therapy to individual teens and adults. I’m happy to announce that I am offering in person sessions for individuals in Spruce Grove, Alberta with social distancing in place (and our plexiglass barrier!) and I can still offer online counselling as well. I can’t wait to invite you into my cozy therapy space but if that doesn’t work, I’d love to support you online.

If you’re seeking individual therapy, I can help. I am trained in EMDR and work with men, women (and anyone who identifies otherwise), and teens on a wide variety of concerns including anxiety, depression, trauma, and addiction, and I love offering support to parents of children on the autism spectrum. If you are seeking psychological help, give me a call for a free meet and greet appointment.

Kristeen Britton

Kristeen Britton

For much of my life I can recall being in crowded rooms of people, huddled in the corner with one other person who would turn to me and say something like, “I’ve never told anyone this”, or “I’m not sure why I’m telling you this stuff”. I wasn’t sure why these lovely people were leaning toward me with watery eyes sharing something so personal either, but I knew one thing for sure:

being trusted with someone’s story is a gift

I never take the gift of someone’s story for granted. It is an honour and a privilege to support people in their therapy. When you sit down for a session with me, I recognize the bravery and vulnerability with which you show up. Your therapy is for you, and my goal is to hold a space for you to heal and grow.

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I believe every one of us wants the same thing: to be seen and truly loved for exactly who we are.


You are the expert on your life. My job is to ask the right questions.


Every counselling session is an opportunity to practice vulnerability and experience connection.


I believe that every person has the ability to heal and feel whole.


One of the things I bring to every session is the ability to hear a story without judgement.


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