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About Red Bridge

I’ve always loved the colour red. Red is a passionate colour, and I am a passionate person. I’m passionate about psychotherapy, and helping people. Red is bold and interesting and at the same time warm and comforting, strong and supportive. I like to think that I’m all of these things too, and that’s what I hope Red Bridge offers you every single time you book a session, whether you live in the Spruce Grove area or you log in for an online counselling session from your home.

I’ve always loved bridges. When rocks or rough water or large gaping caverns got in our way, humans built bridges. Building a bridge is rarely a solo endeavour – we work together to come up with ideas, then goals, then plans. When the building gets difficult, we rely on each other. Together we can accomplish more than we ever could alone. If you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, loss and the grief that comes along with it, caring for a child with special needs, struggling in your relationships, or maybe just feeling like you know life could be better, I’d love to help you build a bridge of healing. We all experience sadness and loss, and some of us have the deep canyons of trauma or addiction to cross.

When you come to Red Bridge, we will work together to build you a bridge. Asking for help takes incredible courage and I’d love to walk with you.

Kristeen Britton

I’m a Canadian Certified Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. I was a high school math and science teacher and a yoga instructor when I decided that I wanted to pursue a masters degree in Counselling Psychology so I could spend more time in comfortable spaces listening to and supporting other people. I love helping clients learn how their minds and bodies work together and how we can use that to help them thrive.

I believe that counselling is about finding the right therapist and then feeling safe enough to open yourself up to change. The right counsellor can help you find your way out of the challenges you face. I work with clients on acceptance, self-compassion, and mindfulness, largely from the perspectives of positive psychology and narrative therapy. I believe that you have within you everything you need to live the life you desire. I’d love to help you build that bridge.


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