Your Body is Not a Decoration

Remember when you were a little kid, and you didn’t think about what you looked like while you were having fun? Do you remember the last time you were with other people and you didn’t care how you looked?

I know it’s easy to scroll past that question without really thinking about your answer, but hold up for a second…let’s really think about it. 

When was the last time you were so engrossed in having a good time that you didn’t even care about your appearance?


For some of us, it was a long time ago. For some of us, it was a VERY long time ago. 

It’s not your fault, though…you live in the same world the rest of us live in. You’ve been absorbing the same messages about your body that we all have. There is a way you’re supposed to look, and (here’s the worst part) most of us don’t look like that. 

We learn from a very young age what we are supposed to look like. 


For girls it’s all about being small but still having all the right curves. Not too tall! Not too big! And for boys, it’s about muscle and broad shoulders and not being too (gasp!) short. 

We are the only animal on the planet that spends this much time thinking about our bodies. I always ask clients…do you think lions are lying around wondering if they should eat zebra today? After all, they had zebra yesterday. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Your body has a purpose. The world is trying to tell you that the purpose of your body is to look good. Why? Because a population obsessed with looks spends money on things like Botox and jeans and weight loss supplements. 

Let me tell you a little secret…your body’s purpose is not to look good. 

Your body’s purpose is to help you LIVE. 


I don’t mean just exist on the planet, although your body is very well designed for that, as it turns out. 

I mean LIVE. Go swimming with your kids, jump on a trampoline, do an escape room with friends, enjoy delicious food, hike a great trail, stroll around the block, have some amazing sex, sleep until noon…you know, life stuff. 

What do you want to do? Your body’s job is to help you do it. That’s it. Your body is not worth less if it’s 10 lb heavier or 3 inches shorter. 

Now, I know this is hard when you live in a world that focuses on looks. It’s hard when you used to be better looking or younger or thinner or whatever. And we’ve all had those moments where we see ourselves in a picture and groan. 

But trust me. When it’s all said and done, what you looked like while you did it will not matter in the least. Your life will be made up of memories you made with your body, not memories of how you looked while living. 

Maybe today you can resolve to spend less time trying to be a good decoration for the world and more time enjoying it.

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